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Powerflush Edinburgh

MilEx Heating carrying out an Edinburgh Power Flushing service

MilEx Heating have been providing an Edinburgh Power Flushing service for over ten years. With time your heating system can become clogged with sludge buildup and this could result in problems to your heating system. Because Power Flushing can speed up radiator convection this reduces the cost of heating your home. When your radiator is cold along the bottom and hot at the top this is a good sign that your heating needs a Power Flush.

A build up of sludge within your central heating system will cause heating problems. Radiators will take longer to heat up and boiler damage can occur. Having your heating system cleaned through an Edinburgh Power Flush will save you money in the future. Due to a good Power Flush your boiler will perform better. Most of all your rooms will heat up quicker.

When carrying out an Power Flush Edinburgh our plumbers use special cleaning chemicals to help remove the sludge from your heating circuit. On completion of the Power Flush inhibitor is put into the heating circuit to help reduce the buildup of any future sludge.

Magnetic Filter – Power Flush Edinburgh

A magnetic filter fitted on the boiler return pipe will only allow clean water through the boiler. A blocked heat exchanger will not provide the correct flow rate of water to your radiators. This means it will take longer to heat your property. A heating system left uncleaned will only become a lot worse over time. This results in pipework blockages. Power Flushing along with the correct chemicals and an magnetic filter fitted will save you money in the future.

To conclude we have many years experience in carrying out Power Flushing. MilEx Heating provide free no obligation quotations for a Power Flushing in Edinburgh and Lothian.

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Power Flush Edinburgh

Power Flushing in Edinburgh


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